PAUL GUIRAMAND (1926-2007) ◊ Horses at the watering hole ◊ Oil painting on canvas


Oil painting on canvas
Signed lower right and countersigned on the back
Wooden frame from the 50’s
Height 46 cm x Width 55 cm without frame
Height 64 cm x Width 73 cm with frame
Perfect state




Born in Saint-Quentin (Aisne), he arrived in Paris in the thirties and he enrolled at the National School of Fine Arts at 17, in the workshop of Maurice Brianchon (1899-1979). At the end of the forties, he traveled to Spain and Italy, where he discovered with delight the works of Masaccio and Piero della Francesca. In 1952, he won the Grand Prix de Rome and lived at Villa Medici for four years. In addition to painting, he successfully practices engraving and lithography, notably by illustrating in 1960 the works of Apollinaire and Hemingway. He is part of the New School of Paris with Alaux, Archepel, Guillaumel, Vuillermoz, Dauvergne and others, including his wife Marcelle Doloron. Now he exhibits in the USA, Mexico, Japan and of course all over Europe.
His painting, at the limits of abstraction, remains figurative but above all poetic. Evocative real giving the emotion. Bright, contrasting and joyful colors, true moments of grace.