Emile-Louis Picault (1833-1915) ◊ Perseus and Pegasus or the birth of Pegasus ◊ Bronze signed


Bronze, dark brown patina
Signed “E. Picault” and dated “Salon Beaux-Arts 1888” on the terrace
Height 50 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 24 cm
Perfect state



A pupil of the painter Henry Royer, this French sculptor and medalist is famous and recognizable for his allegorical or patriotic subjects, figures of warriors and mythological heroes, often accompanied by sentences in Latin or French. Harmony and realism of the bodies, his style inspired by the Florentines of the Renaissance will win a great success with the bourgeois of the time. It is fashionable to have a Picault in his private mansion. Especially since he works with the most highly rated foundries: Susse, Colin, Houdebine and the Parisian bronze company. It is one of the best representatives of the French sculpture of this period that adores the mythological representations.