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Emmanuel Frémiet (1824-1910) ◊ Louis XIII child riding a horse


Sculpture in bronze with golden patina
On a round base in red marble
Signed on the basis
Founder F. Barbedienne
Height 49 cm x W 40 cm
Perfect condition



He is one of the most famous sculptors in France. Some of his works are known throughout the world, such as his Joan of Arc of the Place des Pyramides in Paris, his archangel Saint Michel defeating the dragon for the  spire of the abbey of the Mont Saint Michel in France, or his monument to Ferdinand de Lesseps in Suez, Egypt. His animal sculptures admired in museums, as at Orsay, highlight his classical naturalistic style, in the French style, in the tradition of Barye, to whom he succeeds as professor of drawing at the Museum of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Among the most famous are historical equestrian compositions, such as the “Louis XIII enfant” (molded by F. Barbedienne, French founder renowned and sought after) already riding with mastery. Royal!