Hermes scarf Model “Kenya” ◊ Natural silk

Natural silk
Dimensions 90 cm x 90 cm
In its original box
Perfect state



It is the star of the scarves… A true institution created in 1937 by Thierry Hermès, known and venerated by the women of the whole world. Know that it takes 300 cocoons of silkworm, that is 450 km of thread, the hardened slime of the caterpillar of the bombyx of the mulberry tree throughout his life, to make this precious stole. Bandana, neckband, belt, hanging on the bag, everything fits it… Jean-Paul Gaultier even cut it into pieces. But, it fears nothing, it is so beautiful and varied. More than 1500 silkscreen prints, a palette of 50 colors, a color chart of 75000 colors. Who says better…