Georges Manzana Pissarro (1871-1961) ◊ Lyre bird ◊ Signed Gouache


Gouache on paper
Signed bottom in the middle
Natural sharkskin framing
Height 30 cm x Length 46 cm
Perfect state




He is the worthy son of his father, the great Claude Pissarro. Born in 1871 in Louveciennes, a chic suburb of Paris, he studied painting in the family and learned to love nature in the wake of Impressionism and of his father’s friends : Monet, Renoir, Gauguin and Cézanne. From 1906, influenced by the Tahitian and Martinique scenes of Gauguin, he developed a penchant for orientalism and the watercolors of exotic animals dear to the enchanted world of Art Nouveau and Art Deco (1925 to 1930). He will exhibit regularly in the Salons et galeries of Paris, until the end of the 1930s.