Manufacture of Vallauris (50’s-60’s) ◊ Pitcher in the shape of fish ◊ Enamelled ceramic


Ceramic enamelled with «sea foam» effect
Height 28 cm x Width 20 cm




Born in the post-war period, the popular ceramics of Vallauris are inspired by the innovative and generous spirit of the Bauhaus, the German movement of the early twentieth century, which offered the general public everyday objects, at the same time beautiful and cheap. Optimistic and joyful movement. Another similarity, spectacular innovations on glazes, in Germany with the effect « fat lava », which evokes a lava flow. In Vallauris, with the famous « sea foam », because of its resemblance to the white foam at the top of the waves, running aground on the sand. Wrongly cataloged as the pinnacle of kitsch, this amazing treatment of the enamel brings an unbridled fantasy, as evidenced by this pink and brown fish that seems to spring from the ocean.