Theo Tobiasse (1927 – 2012) ◊ Noah’s Dove ◊ Lithograph 1989


Lithograph on paper taken from the book “Great hours for a graffiti of love” Enrico Navarra Publisher, Paris, 1989.
Signed lower right. Titled in the center on the left in the plate and annotated HC for “Hors commerce » : out of trade, copy intended for the printer, bottom left.
Height 33 cm x Large 30 cm.
225 ex.




Considered one of the greatest Jewish painters, Theo Tobiasse was born in 1927 in Jaffa, Palestine. Tobias Eidesas, of his real name, went back to Lithuania, where his family came from, and then went into exile in Paris in 1931. Very early on he shows a talent for drawing and painting. But the death of his mother, the Second World War and the raids of Jews upset his life. Forbidden to enter the National School of Decorative Arts because of the port of the yellow star, he enrolled in private courses in advertising design and started a career as a graphic designer at Draeger (art printing) and realized scenery for Hermes. In 1950, he obtained French nationality and settled down, finally serene, in Nice (Côte d’Azur, France). First paintings exhibited in 1960 and prices obtained. His career began and many exhibitions around the world extol his unique talent. A very sophisticated style, recognizable at first glance. A subtle mixture of surrealism, expressionism and primitivism at the service of an inspiration loaded with the themes of the “wandering Jew”. Memories of childhood, exile, Shoah, argued by mythology and biblical texts. A personal iconography that transcends history. Like that dove that Noah releases in the sky of Apocalypse in search of a firm ground. Symbol of hope. Promise of better days.